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Hair Fixing / Hair Replacement / Hair Restoration – Non Surgical Hair Transplantation

Hair Fixing also known as hair replacement is a non surgical , non invasive procedure to cure the partial baldness.
Hair Fixing/ Non surgical hair replacement is a procedure in which we attach a hair patch/ hair system to the scalp.Hair systems used for Hair fixing is customized made and colors and texture of the hair of the system remains same as our own hair
Hair system used in hair Fixing are transparent, undetectable .Good hair systems are made up of 100% Human hair so they give completely natural look.

Hair Fixing is a customized hair replacement solution for both men & women. Hair Fixing is completely natural and 100% undetectable.

There are different techniques of hair fixing / hair replacement such as Hair Bonding, Hair weaving & Hair Silicon System.

Non Surgical Hair Fixing have several advantages over the surgical hair Fixing which is also know as Hair Transplant.

Advantage of Hair Fixing

Hair Fixing is completely safe
Hair Fixing is cheaper than Hair Transplant
Hair Fixing takes no time compare to Hair Transplant
Hair Fixing gives you proper Hair density which is not possible in Hair Transplant
Hair Fixing does not require any medical advice.
After Hair fixing no need to take any precautions
Hair Fixing can be done at any age
Hair Fixing is suitable for both Men and Women
Hair Fixing gives 100% Natural Hair look
Hair Fixing is suitable in any weather like extreme summer
Hair fixing have no side effects
Hair Fixing have No Pain, Not allergy, No side effects

Procedure of Hair Fixing
Hair Weaving
Hair Bonding
Hair Silicon System also Known as glue procedure or pasting

Hair Weaving a tradition method of Hair Fixing, so now a days its not in much use.The latest technique of Hair fixing is Hair silicon system.
Hair Silicon system is more comfortable than hair weaving.

There are many centers for Hair fixing in Bangalore so it becomes difficult to find out the good center .
So we can help you in finding the better place for hair fixing.
Based on your requirement we can advice you the best place for hair fixing in Bangalore.

Our hair replacement systems are customized & specifically designed to meet the individual’s unique needs & requirement.

Why Non surgical Hair restoration:

Hair transplantation surgery is not always suitable for hair gain or hair restoration. Although Hair transplantation is a good option to re-grow your hair but it may not be suitable for all. There are other treatment & options are available to cure the thinning of the hair like Laser Hair Treatment, Ozone treatment & Hair Replacement.

There are so many reasons to choose the Non Surgical hair replacement (Non Surgical Hair Transplantation)

Non Surgical hair replacement (Non Surgical Hair Transplantation) is a better choice if:
1. The baldness area is more.
2. There is not enough donor hair available for the transplantation,
3. Donor hair is very thin or very weak.
4. Other health reason which doesn’t allow for hair surgery.
5. If the patient need immediate solution of the baldness.
6. For women’s, who are suffering from hair thinning , Non surgical hair replacement is better choice then hair surgery as in care of hair transplantation they need to trim or cut the existing hair.

Say goodbye to Baldness with our advanced Hair Fixing / Hair replacement Treatments:

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