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Surgical hair restoration or non Surgical hair restoration may not always be suitable for all. There are other treatment & options are available to cure the thinning of the hair like Laser Hair Treatment, Ozone treatment & derma roller.

Reason to go for Hair Fall Treatment or hair Re-growth Treatment:

• Hair loss is not yet significant enough for hair restoration surgery.
• Hair fall is just started or it’s in the initial stage of hair fall.
• You have severe dandruff which causing the hair loss. So curing the dandruff will help to prevent the hair loss.

Advanced Low level Laser hair fall Treatment:
Laser comb is the low level laser machine Breakthrough in Hair Growth, Hair Care and Hair Fall treatment. Its approved product to cure the hair fall .

Laser comb is a advanced non-topical, drug free treatment for hair loss.

Hair fall starts when the follicle become weak. Laser comb stimulates the scalp and energizes follicles & make them strong thus help in preventing hair loss.

Process of laser comb is Similar to the of photosynthesis,The Laser Light of the Laser comb similarly to photosynthesis stimulates the hair follicle & make them strong which helps in preventing the hair loss, causing increased density, increased rate of growth.

It also increases the blood flow and blood circulation in the scalp. Which is very crucial to promoting a healthy hair follicle. The increase in blood flow carries the important nutrients into the follicle, wash off the harmful waste products from the scalp.

With the advanced Low level Laser hair fall Treatment you can get thicker, fuller, shinier, and healthier looking hair.

Laser comb is 100% same & is suitable for both male & female.


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