Hair Extensions and Hair Wigs in Bangalore and Delhi

Best Hair wigs and hair extensions in Delhi and Bangalore

Hair extension is a technique to add the additional long hair with your existing hair.

Hair extension is a advanced technique to increase the length & volume of the hair.

Hair extension are made of both synthetic as bell as 100% human hair but hair extension made-up of human hair give you natural look & good appearance.

By Hair Extensions you can get the volume, length and look you want, instantly ,which make you look gorgeous & feel more confident.

There are different technique of hair extension which includes:

Clip-on hair Extension:
Clip-on hair Extension is also known as hair bonding extension, in Clip-on hair Extension , extension is attached with the help of clips.

Its a detachable procedure, where you can remove it by your own & re-fix it back. It’s a very simple procedure.

Hair weaving extension:
In Hair weaving extension, layers of hair extension are attached with your existing hair. To attach the layer of hair extension, we make one support or bridge with your existing hair by using the machine.

Its a fixed procedure , where you don’t have option to remove it every day.

Glue Hair Extension:
In this technique we attached the layer of hair with the help of glue. Its a old technique, is not much in use now days.


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